Building off of a 5+ year partnership, Morph has created and supplied advertising campaigns with KTM Group covering product launch’s, retail sales campaigns, dealer network collateral, internal documents and more.

To define an advertising campaign; it is when a corporation organises a course of action to promote a product or service. Our role as the design agency is to work cohesively with the marketing team to develop and execute such activations to optimise the marketing-spend.


One of the primary means of product communication for KTM Group is print media. This primarily entails industry-relative publications focusing on any given segment of the brand; whether that be the road-bike market, off-road motorcycles or generic brand awareness.

The ultimate goal for this means of communication is to specifically target the appropriate user demographic for each market and draw traffic to the website and/or local dealerships.


A key component to advertising campaigns is creating optimised artwork for use on any online platform. These platforms typically revolve around the world of motorcycles whether that be news/media related, brand dealerships or through the Google Programmatic Network.

Through the use of static imagery and animated gifs, Morph works closely alongside the team at KTM to ensure the most effective imagery and offer’s reach the ideal users through both organic and algorithmic banner placement.


Utilising social networks such as Facebook and Instagram social media advertising is a type of digital marketing to deliver both paid, and organic ads to a specific target audience.

Our role as the design agency is to optimise assets derived from the web & print campaigns we have created, to accurately target and engage KTM’s audience and boost the marketing campaigns.


In an ever-evolving digital world, video advertisment is becoming more and more prominent. Our alignment with KTM allows us to create video content for both Social Media and YouTube through means of film and animation.

Our Video Content creation covers Product Launches, Retail Sales Campaigns and other front-facing incentives to draw consumer traffic to the respective landing pages.


In-store point of sale assets are printed media derived from the digital concept used to drive customers to a partcular dealership. The purpose for these assets are to incentivise customers once in-store to make enquiries regarding a particular product awareness, or retail sales campaign.

POS Assets are inclusive, but not limited to Motorcycle Hangtags, Pull-Up Banners, In-Store Posters, Desk Cards and more.

“KTM Group have 3 global motorcycle brands each with unique brand identities that requires high level execution. Morph has become an integral part of our team and understands our brand requirements down to the smallest details. Having a design team that is reliable, efficient and experts in our brands, allows our marketing team to focus on reaching our audience”

Rosie Lalonde – Marketing Manager

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