Design Brief

The team at Tourboss came to us to create an engaging brand to pair with their cutting-edge mobile application. The premise of the application was a self-guided touring platform which allowed car enthusiasts to come together, map out completely tailored routes and embark on customised driving tours. Our role in this project was to create a versatile logo with supporting branding elements to deliver an all-inclusive brand experience for their users.

“The guys were so helpful, and insightful throughout the entire process. They took our feedback onboard, whilst educating us within their responses and motives for all the work and changes completed. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our final brand and the process it took to get there was a breeze.”

Adrian Kinderis – Tourboss

Creative Process

Following first contact through an online video conference, we established the grounds to commence the conceptual phase of the Tourboss branding project. In this part of the process, we explored and discussed 4x differing approaches in which we could take. Upon delivery of the four conceptual stylescapes we were able discuss and dissect the proposed designs to decipher a direction in which would lead us into the refinement phase.

This conversation found our fourth concept stylescape being favoured, and then refined through the alteration of colours, tweaks within the primary logo and overall brand coherency refined and finalised. Atop a further video call, the team at Tourboss approved, and signed off on the very branding you see before you. A premium, bold brand which speaks directly to the ideal target demographic for the application to take the self-guided tour market by storm.

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